26 Meadowford Close, London, SE28 8GG, PulsaCoil 3 Repair

We have created this PulsaCoil 3 repair case study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical repair. Mr H is one of many customers that have used our repair services, here you will see the 26 Meadowford Close, London, SE28 8GG, PulsaCoil 3 Repair, a small high quality residential development which are situated in Central Thamesmead, south-east London.

Mr H contacted the Plumbing Group as his PulsaCoil 3 was not heating during off peak hours (over night), he opted for a fixed price repair. On arrival our Engineer carried out a full diagnosis of the PulsaCoil 3 and found that the off peak immersion had failed by carrying out a resistance test.

Our directly employed engineers carry all spares in stock on our vehicles, our engineer drained the PulsaCoil 3, replaced the off peak immersion and thermostat and refilled the system. The repair was carried out on the same visit in under three hours. Mr H was then able to use the on peak boost to get hot water two hours later.

Mr H was extremely happy as he expected that he would have to replace the boiler.

26 Meadowford Close, London, SE28 8GG, PulsaCoil 3 Repair









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