Londinium Tower, London, E1 8AP, PulsaCoil 3 Repair

We have created this PulsaCoil 3 repair case study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical repair. Miss S is one of many people we have carried out a repair for in Mansell Street’s Londinium Tower, London, E1 8AP, PulsaCoil 3 Repair.

Miss S contacted the Plumbing Group as her PulsaCoil 3 wasn’t working, she opted for a fixed rate repair. On arrival our Engineer carried out a full diagnosis and found that the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) had failed.

Our directly employed engineers carry all spares in stock on our vehicles, our engineer replaced the PulsaCoil 3 Printed Circuit Board. The repair was carried out on the same visit in under an hour. Miss S was then able to use the on peak boost to get hot water two hours later.

Miss S was extremely happy to have water again, her rental agent Foxton’s Group plc were also happy as they had sent numerous electrical and plumbing contractor whom had fitted numerous components and charged hundred of pounds and were unable to repair the PulsaCoil 3.

Londinium Tower, London, E1 8AP, PulsaCoil 3 Repair









To contact The Plumbing Group to discuss your PulsaCoil 3 problem please either call us on 0800 02 365 92, or visit our contact us page and fill out our contact us form.

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