PulsaCoil 3 Spares

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Our aim is to provide prompt support to installers and repairers across the industry. All PulsaCoil spares are genuine and from the original equipment manufacturers, providing you and your clients peace of mind and product safety.

PulsaCoil 3 Spares

PulsaCoil 3 have tried to make it easy for the repair engineer to identify your PulsaCoil 3 Spares requirement.


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Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger as known as a PHE. The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) is one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one medium to another. A BPHE consists of corrugated plates combined to create complex channels through which cold water is transferred into hot water as it pass through the unit.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Printed Circuit Board (PCB Board)

The Printed Circuit Board also know as a PCB Board has an LED Diagnostic System built in, The LED will operate in the following way to show faults with the PulsaCoil 3:

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Spares Printed Circuit Board Conditions:-

Off: No mains power supply – check fuse and power supply

Flashing – Low frequency System status is OK

Flashing – High frequency Temperature measurement error – faulty sensor or wiring

On – Permanent Processor related fault – no control of hot water – replace the PCB board.
Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Domestic Hot Water Sensor

The resistor in this sensor detects the temperature of the water and sends a signal to the printed circuit board enabling it to either speed up or slow down the pump which will increase or decrease the temperature of the water at the outlet.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Blending Valve

The blending valve reduces the temperature and regulates the temperature of the water after it has passed through the plate heat exchanger.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Thermostat

The thermostat regulates immersion heater as the water temperature is heated within the thermal store.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Immersion Heater Element

The PulsaCoil 3 Immersion element heats the water within the thermal store. it is 3KW. It comes complete with thermostat.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Modulating Pump

The pump modulated by an increase or decrease of voltage, in turn increase or decreases the flow rate through the plate heat exchanger, this controls the temperature at the tap outlet.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Float Valve Switch

The PulsaCoil 3 float valve switch sits inside the header tank and cuts the power to the unit should the store water deplete.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 High Limit Thermostat

The high limit stat also known as the over heat safety device cuts the electrical power supply to the PulsaCoil 3 should the unit overheat.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Green Neon LED

The Green Neon LED display shows you when the water has depleted from the thermal store.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Relay

The relay controls the electrical power supplies to the immersions.

Gledhill PulsaCoil 3 Relay Base

The relay base is the electrical cable connector block that holds the relay.