Queensberry Place, London, E12 6UN, PulsaCoil 3 Replacement

We have created this PulsaCoil 3 replacement with a Fabdec Thermacoil Installation Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical installation. Mrs W is one of many customers that have used our services in Queensberry Place, London, E12 6UN, PulsaCoil 3 Replacement.

Mrs W contacted us about her PulsaCoil 3 leaking, she initially opted for a fixed price repair, as you can see in the images below the PulsaCoil 3 has started to rust through, had the leaks been caught earlier we would have been able to repair the boiler.

Below you will find images of Mrs W’s old PulsaCoil 3. The installation was carried out in under three hours and the old unit was removed and ethically disposed of.

The customer opted for a ThermaCoil replacement instead of the new PulsaCoil PCS. The Thermacoil is a far less complicated system, the electronic hot water delivery system found within a PulsaCoil includes a Printed Circuit Board, Pump, Sensors and Relays.

ThermaCoil has replaced the electronic delivery components with a single mechanical blending valve, for the user of the system it is no different but for long term maintenance it is much simpler.

The new ThermaCoil comes with a 10 Year Manufacturers cylinder warranty, for further details visit www.thermacoil.co.uk

Queensberry Place, London, E12 6UN, PulsaCoil 3 Replacement









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